Cerakoting / DLC

Looking at having your handgun or rifle refinished? Maybe a custom paint job? Then you're in the right spot. We only use Cerakote® thin-film ceramic coatings for our jobs. Prices below are for solid colors unless otherwise noted.


Slide any size -  $100

Handgun Frame - $125

Complete Handgun - $200

AR platform

Upper Receiver - $100

Lower Receiver - $125

AR10/15 (Upper-Lower-Forend) - $400

Complete AR 10/15 - $475

PDW Style Rifles/Pistols (CZ EVO - SIG MPX Style) - Email For Pricing

Miscellaneous Parts (starting at) - $75

Pattern Type (camo, etc) Starting - $175 (Slide)

Price is based on job and pattern. Contact us for more information.

 $125 (Slide) Contact us for more information.

*** Price is for 100% disassembled Part(s) - Disassembly fee is $20 for any parts left unless otherwise stated. Rush service is available at an additional cost ***


DLC Services. Diamond-like carbon is a class of amorphous carbon material that displays some of the typical properties of diamond. DLC coatings are environmentally friendly and can be used to reduce friction, wear, fretting, galling and corrosion. Currently offering DLC on the following:

Pistol Barrels $100

Slides $175

Small Parts: Starting at $50