What are your Lead Times? This subject is most definitely the first on everyone’s mind when they consider sending off their firearm for work. Our quoted dates of completion are estimated and subject to change without notice. We do our absolute best to keep the backlog as short as possible and completely understand that long wait-times can be frustrating. Please be understanding of the fact that we take our time to get things right the first time (because ‘speed’ and ‘quality’ do not exist on the same continuum). All of this is to ensure you are 100% satisfied with our work.

Lead Times, Why is my order taking so long? Our lead times are best guess estimates, nothing more. Why, you ask? Simple, given the volume of work, customization requests and level of detail that goes into it we simply have to estimate what we think its going to take time wise. We do this to ensure what you get back is exactly what you payed for, and that can take time. 

I want an exact date for when my project is done! We can't give you an "exact date". Why? Because if it gets scratched during rebuild or a delay in coating (PVD/DLC) or something unforeseen and out of our control, then we've promised a date that we're not going to meet. This is why our lead times are estimates. Custom work takes time. We will not rush our work process. 

Planning for lead times. If you have something important happening it's on you to plan accordingly. What does that mean? If you're getting deployed, moving houses, have a class, shooting a match, getting qualified or anything else that would cause a sense of urgency. Please plan accordingly. We are not responsible for your events. If this is you're only firearm, again, please plan accordingly.

Status Checks. Due to the shear volume of orders we have at any one time, we do not give you status updates unless one of the following conditions exists: 1) there is an question/issue around your order. 2) we're shipping your order back as its been completed. 3) there is an extended delay due to 3rd party vendor.

Current Lead Times as of June 24' / July 24'Lead times are as follows. As stated in the above 3 paragraphs, these times are subject to change without notice.

Optic Cuts / Basic Cerakote / Porting = 6 - 8 weeks ***Estimated***

Complex Cerakote = 6 - 8 Weeks ***Estimated***

Full Staccato Mod-Outs = 6 - 12 weeks ***Estimated***

Metal Grip Upgrades = 4 - 8 weeks ***Estimated*** ***

PVD / DLC Coatings = 3 - 5 weeks  ***Estimated*** ***Please keep in mind we have about a 20-30% rejection rate from our vendors with this service.***

How do I ship my slide into your facility and what needs to be included?

Shipping Instructions: Please use care when shipping your products to us to get worked on. Please do not use USPS. We prefer you ship via UPS or FedEx. Please individually pack with either bubble wrap or something soft for your item(s) to be worked on. Ship only the requested items listed below for your particular level of requested work. Please do not ship the box's, bags or any unnecessary items. If you're shipping your item(s) in a sentimental cloth, towel or something else please add a note in the shipment so know to save it for your return shipment. Please note, If you ship a firearm from an FFL to us to get worked on it will be shipped back to the FFL from which you shipped it from. No Exceptions.

* Our address:

Vulcan Machine Werks, Inc.

1401 Capital Ave. STE B

Plano, Texas 75074

Shipping a Firearm: Private parties, please do not ship handguns through US Mail as stated per USPS regulation 12.1.2. Please ship them through UPS or FedEX. You can send parts, but no serialized pieces unless you are shipping from one FFL to another. Please contact us before sending us a firearm. We must have copy of the FFL of the dealer you are shipping from on hand before you ship. Shipping is not included in prices. All Firearm related items are shipped signature required. Insurance can be added for an additional fee at customer's request. Please note, If you ship a firearm from an FFL to us to get worked on it will be shipped back to the FFL from which you shipped it from. No Exceptions.

Existing Optic Cuts / Factory Optic Cut

If your slide has an existing optic cut from another company either from a factory or from us  it CAN NOT be re-cut for a different optic. This includes slides pre-cut from Staccato/STI (DUO, DPO and Optic Ready), Glock MOS or any Plate type system.

Items needed for Ignis Porting System Packages:

Slide and Barrel.

Items needed for Trijicon Plate Packages:

*Trijicon Mounting Plate Package: You must supply the Trijicon Plate (Trijicon Item # CA428-C-600757). We also need your slide and its internals (barrel excluded).

Items needed for Vulcan Machine Werks Plate package:

* If you are only getting the plate cut, we will require your complete slide with internals minus the barrel. The plate and front sight are included with the purchase of this package.

Items needed for standard optics cuts:

* For most standard optics cuts we require your slide only (no barrel, guide rod, or recoil spring) and optic with mounting hardware.

Items needed for frame work:

* We will require your complete frame (either you can strip it before sending it to us, or we can strip it before work. If you send in your complete frame, we will reassemble it before shipping it back to you.

Items needed for barrel work (Flush Cut, and Barrel Chamfer):

* For this service to be completed on your firearm we will your slide (with internals), barrel, and guide-rod assembly.

Do the services you offer and provide void my products warranty? Yes it does. Everything we do for the most part will in fact void your products warranty.

Influencer / Social Media "Collaborate or Review" Requests

Are you an Influencer or Social Media Individual looking to “collaborate” on a project for you to “review”? Good news and bad news with this. We no longer offer free work, period. While we value what you do, there is no beneficial return for us to do this. If you'd like to review our work with a test unit or demo and are willing to sign a contract to ensure our products are returned, then we can go from there.  

Will you allow me to edit my order once it is submitted?

For local/in-person drop off, we offer a 24-hour window for you to edit your order/s.

For orders shipped into our facility, we offer a 48-hour window for you to edit your order/s.

*NOTE: These time frames are rough, and it is STRONGLY suggested that you edit your order as soon as you know you would like to edit it. Some cuts are so highly requested that they are ran in batches, we cannot 100% guarantee that our windows will be met on those items.

Do you offer returns/refunds on merchandise or work?

There is a $35 restocking fee associated with any product orders after seven days of being received. If you order the wrong size apparel, please let us know and we will exchange it for the correct size free of charge after receiving your existing product back (There may be an associated shipping cost dependent upon where you live).

Do you offer local in-person/in-shop drop off or pick-up for my firearm?

We most certainly offer in-person/in-shop drop off and pick up for your firearm. However, please be aware that this option is BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. You must reach out to us via phone or email to schedule your times for pick up/drop off.           

Will you reassemble my slide after the work is complete?

We will reassemble any slide sent into us. However, if the sights supplied with your order will not fit due to the work we have done, we will notify you before shipping your slide/firearm back. We also retail several models of sights which are specifically required for some of our specialty work. If you require these sights and miss them on your order, we will call you in order to verify how you would like us to proceed.

Do you offer a Law Enforcement/First Responder/Military discount?

We offer a 10% discount for active duty L.E.O./First Responder/Military personnel with verification through VarifyPass located here. Once you verify yourself you will get a discount code that you can use at the time of checkout. Please be advised that our discount DOES NOT include package deals (which are already discounted) and product (such as iron sights or merchandise).

I have stripped mounting screws in my optics plate or optic; how can you help me?

We can absolutely remove stuck or stripped screws from your firearm. The associated cost for this service is $35.

Can you make me or my company/group a signature slide?

Yes, in most cases we can (and will) make custom slides for you. Pricing will be determined upon the complexity of the work and total volume requested. Please either call or send us an email, and we will get you taken care of. BE ADVISED: Out of sincere respect for our industry and intellectual property, we will not copy another company’s existing products or work!

Do you offer FFL transfers?

In certain situations, we will conduct FFL transfers to our facility. These transfers are at our discretion and must be approved (by us) in advance of you having an item shipped. If you ship us a firearm before our approval, we will refuse it (thus being shipped back to its place of origin). We ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE for lost, damaged, or stolen items during the shipping process.

Disclaimer on Work - We stand behind our work 100% and will go the extra mile to ensure you are satisfied. However, please be aware that does not cover your lack of preventative maintenance (P.M.), use of high velocity/high pressure ammunition, reloaded/re-manufactured or non-standard ammunition, damage during the shipping/transit process, any other unauthorized repair/modification, your misuse/abuse of the product, or any other service once it has left our facility.

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