Optic Cuts

We continually add slides to our lineup, and strive for absolute perfection with our cuts with extensive testing to ensure the fit is 100%.

All threads for the optic cuts are CNC machined with the best threadmills in the industry resulting in a near perfect thread engagement.

COST is $125 (includes screws and iron sight installation) If you choose to have your slide re-coated with a solid color of Cerakote®, add $50 to the cost of the optic cut.

Below is the list of available slides and optics:

  • Trijicon RMR CC

    • Glock 9mm/.40cal/.357sig

    • Glock 43, 43X and 48 Rear Sight Delete Mandatory*

    • M&P Full Size/Compact

    • CZ P09, P10, P07, Shadow, Shadow 2, 75

    • Sig Sauer P320, P226, P227, P229

    • P365 (NON-XL) Rear Sight Delete Mandatory*

    • 1911/2011 Limited Models*

    • H&K Coming Soon

  • Trijicon RMR/SRO Line 

    • Glock (9mm/.40cal/.357sig, G43, G42 *with adaptor plate*)

    • M&P (Full Size/Compact)

    • CZ (P09, P10, P07)

    • Sig Sauer (P320, P226, P227, P229, P365 *with adaptor plate*)

    • 1911/2011 with Adapter Plate *See Package Deal Below*

    • H&K VP9

  • Vortex RDS Line

    • Glock (9mm/.40cal/.357sig)

    • M&P (Full Size/Compact)

    • CZ (P09, P10, Shadow, Shadow 2)

    • 1911/2011 *Restrictions Apply*

  • JP JPoint

    • Glock (9mm/.40cal/.357sig)

    • 1911/2011

  • C-More RTS2/STS2

    •  Glock (9mm/.40cal/.357sig, Except the G43, G42)

    •  Sig Sauer (P226, P229)

    •  CZ (Shadow 1/2, 75, P07, P10


  • Delta Point Pro

    • Glock (9mm/.40cal/.357sig, Except the G43, G42)

    • Sig Sauer (P320, P226)

    • CZ P-07 P-09

    • H&K USP 9/40

  • Romeo Zero

    • Sig Sauer (P320, P226, P229, P365)

    • Glock (All Models)

  • Romeo 1

    • Sig Sauer (P320, P226)

  • Romeo 3 Max/XL

    • Sig Sauer (P320 X-Five *Legion Slides ONLY* , P320, P226, P229)

    • Glock (All Models)

  • Shield RMS/RMSc

    • Glock (9mm/.40cal/.357sig)

    • Sig Sauer (P365, P320, P226, P229)

  • AimPoint Acro P-1

    • Glock (9mm/.40cal/.357sig *Rear Sight is Removed*)

    • Sig Sauer (P320)

  • Burris Fast Fire 2/3

    • Glock (9mm/.40cal/.357sig)

    • Sig Sauer (P320)

  • EOTech MRDS

    • Glock (9mm/.40cal/.357sig)

    • Sig Sauer (P320, P226, P229)

    • CZ P07, P09, P10

  • HoloSun Optics - (RMR FOOTPRINT) 407, 507, 508

 Glock (9mm/.40cal/.357sig, Except the G43, G42)

 Sig Sauer (P320, P226, P229, P228)

 CZ (Shadow 1/2, 75, P07, P10​)

1911/2011 with Adapter Plate *See Package Deal Below*

  • HoloSun Optics - (Sheild FOOTPRINT) 407K, 507K

 Glock (All Models)

 Sig Sauer (P365, P320, P226, P229)

 CZ (Shadow 1/2, 75, P07, P10)​

The Staccato Package - ***TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED***

This package deal includes; the Trijicon® RMR Adapter Plate (with integrated rear sight and new front sight, lower 1/3 co-witness), the plate cut and a re-coat in a solid color Cerakote®.



Trijicon RMR Adapter Plate Cut ONLY for 1911/2011- $150

Slides Coming Soon:
FN® FNX, 509



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