Team Vulcan

Lance Mendes

Team Captain

Lance is from Hilmar, CA., a small rural farming community where he grew up hunting and fishing. Although he grew up around guns and shooting, he didn’t have any professional training under his belt. In 2005, he started attending defensive pistol training and loved getting back into shooting. The competitive fever took hold; he wanted to get better and faster. He’d seen competitive shooting on TV and decided he wanted to move into that. He found a local USPSA group and started attending their matches until they closed the local range. After moving to Texas in 2015, he immediately found a new USPSA group and started attending matches. He continues to improve his skills through both defensive and competitive training courses.

Ryan Wilks

Ryan Wilks got his start in practical shooting in 2010, 2 years after he had first picked up a pistol. He had grown tired of standing and shooting groups at the local range and was looking for something more fun he could do with his newfound hobby. That hobby soon turned into a passion as he quickly climbed the ranks at local, state, and national matches. 

Today he is a Master class Production shooter in USPSA who also runs his own competitive shooting group called the North Texas Lead Farmers in the DFW area of Texas. He spends just about every weekend on the range at a match and he enjoys teaching and giving back to the shooting community just as much as he likes participating!

Daniel Martinez

Daniel was introduced into practical shooting in 2016, after watching numerous episodes of competitive shooting on TV. He picked up his very first pistol in 2012 and began shooting at his local range. In 2016, he shot his very first IDPA match where he was introduced to team member Ryan Wilks and USPSA. With the mentoring and training from his new teammates he began competing in major matches taking multiple first place wins in his division. His passion for shooting didn’t stop there as he extended his training and made his way into being a 3 Gun competitor. Today he’s living his dream as he shoots, competes, and trains with the shooters that he once watched on TV.

Elizabeth Salazar

Elizabeth was introduced to firearms in 2009 when she joined law enforcement and obtained her CHL. In 2015 she became a Texas Peace Officer and started to receive formal firearms training. In the summer of 2017 she was invited to her first steel match and was instantly hooked. In 2018 she continued to shoot in steel matches and will be branching out into USPSA and IDPA for 2019.Officer Salazar is an active duty LEO, with 9 years of law enforcement experience.She is a an instructor at two police academies. Some of the topics in which she instructs include: Spanish for Law Enforcement, Defensive Tactics, and Tactical Medicine. Aside from being in law enforcement, she is a huge supporter of the first responder and veteran community.She is an avid supporter of the second amendment and advocates that women protect themselves at all times. She raises awareness against having a victim mindset.