Terms & Conditions / Shipping

Lead Times, Why is my order taking so long? Our lead times are best guess estimates, nothing more. Why, you ask? Simple, given the volume of work, customization requests and level of detail that goes into it we simply have to estimate what we think its going to take time wise. We do this to ensure what you get back is exactly what you payed for, and that can take time. By checking the "Agree to Terms and Conditions" you are acknowledging that you understand the lead times are "estimates" nothing more and are subject to change at anytime without notice.

I want an exact date for when my project is done! We can't give you an "exact date". Why? Because if gets scratched during rebuild or a delay in coating (PVD/DLC) or something unforeseen and out of our control, then we've promised a date that we're not going to meet. This is why our lead times are estimates. Custom work takes time. We will not rush our work process. By checking the "Agree to Terms and Conditions" you are acknowledging that you understand the lead times are "estimates" nothing more and are subject to change at anytime without notice.

Planning for lead times. If you have something important happening it's on you to plan accordingly. What does that mean? If you're getting deployed, moving houses, have a class, shooting a match, getting qualified or anything else that would cause a sense of urgency. Please plan accordingly. We are not responsible for your events. If this is you're only firearm, again, please plan accordingly. By checking the "Agree to Terms and Conditions" you are acknowledging that you understand the lead times are "estimates" nothing more and are subject to change at anytime without notice.

Does billing the address and name have to match the Credit Card? Absolutely, yes! Your billing address must match with the one that appears on your credit card statements for credit card verification. If that’s not the case, your payment may not be processed fully and your order subject to further investigation and or canceled.

Do you offer refunds on firearm purchases? Do to the nature of the market and firearm(s) sales we allow 24hrs after the sale for you to request a refund. Please be aware that you will be charged a 5% processing fee of the sale. By you checking the box and agreeing to the Terms and Conditions at the time of the sale you agree to this policy. Zero Exceptions.

Do you offer refunds on work/services? We do offer refunds within 7 days of the original order date. After that, you will be issued a store credit. Zero exceptions. Please allow 5-7 business days for your bank or card issuing institution to return the funds back to your account. If you have sent us your slide/firearm and we are in possession of it and request a refund we refund your sale minus the cost of return shipping. 

Do you offer returns/refunds on Non-Firearm merchandise? There is a $35 restocking fee associated with any product orders after 7 days of being received. If you order the wrong size apparel, please let us know and we will exchange it for the correct size free of charge after receiving your existing product back (There may be an associated shipping cost dependent upon where you live). If you need to return an item, please Contact Us with your order number and details about the product you would like to return.

Shipping a Firearm: Private parties, please do not ship handguns through US Mail as stated per USPS regulation 12.1.2. Please ship them through UPS or FedEX. You can send parts, but no serialized pieces unless you are shipping from one FFL to another. Please contact us before sending us a firearm. We must have copy of the FFL of the dealer you are shipping from on hand before you ship. Shipping is not included in prices. All Firearm related items are shipped signature required. Insurance can be added for an additional fee at customer's request. Please note, If you ship a firearm from an FFL to us to get worked on it will be shipped back to the FFL from which you shipped it from. No Exceptions.

Theft of Shipped Item/Firearm During Transit or at Final Destination: We are NOT responsible for damage or theft during shipping. We are also not liable nor responsible for your item/firearm once it's left our shop and is in route back to you. If your item/firearm is stolen from your return shipping address after it has been delivered we are also NOT responsible nor liable. It is on YOU to properly insure your item/firearm. We offer many insured options. We do offer insurance through the carrier and will assist in filing a claim. Please be advised, the insurance claim process can take up to 120 days once we have claim number from the carrier. We will NOT give any store credit/discount if the insurance company denies or does not give full value of the amount insured. The carrier will request receipt(s) of products that are part of the claim. Please have them ready once we request them.

Will you ship or work on anything outside of the US? At this time we are NOT accepting nor shipping anything out of the US. We also are not accepting work at this time nor shipping to and from Puerto Rico.