The 0351 Cut

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The 0351 cut was designed by our machinist to be a tribute to the most versatile and least understood occupational specialty in the United States Marine Corps, the Assaultman. These Marines were the most highly trained of all U.S.M.C. infantry M.O.S.’s (Military Occupational Specialty) and were trained in the utilization of all standard infantry weaponry, plus the utilization of the Javelin missile system, S.M.A.W. (Shoulder fired Multi-purpose Assault Weapon) 83.5mm rocket system, as well as the use of TNT and C4 explosives. Marines in this job were selected for their intellect and adaptability and is why we chose to design this slide.

The 0351 cut slide is every bit as versatile as the warfighters who inspired its creation, and is just as at home as an E.D.C. (Everyday Carry) option, as it is on the range for match use or target practice. We use angled serrations and smooth streamlined chamfers to increase ergonomics and performance. In true U.S.M.C. fashion, this cut is adaptable to your needs. You can choose your combo of optic, rear sight location, and finish…


This is an aftermarket slide package, which includes the slide. This slide package is stripped and will require internal parts including a channel liner. 


Package deal includes the following:

Angled Serrations

Machined Pockets

Vulcan / EGA Badge

Chamfers on all edges

Optic Cut of your choice (Acro +$35)